Keep calm and carry on

A lot is about to happen in the next few months. We Have Twins Coming, but we also are trying to sell our current teeny apartment and find our next place to live, so we feel a bit akimbo. Every time I start to wig out, I try to remind myself about we have our health and we’re not homeless. Actually, whenever I wig out, I wonder, Tina, could you handle being homeless? I don’t think I’m strong enough – the mental pressure would make me spontaneously combust.

So whatever, while not homeless, I do have some stressful phases coming up, during which I try to coach myself to not hyperventilate. But it’s not like this is the worst time in my life. Like I remember when my dad got sick, I would just call friends and weep inconsolably. This is not one of those times. Babies can be tough, but they’re not tumors, and we will figure out where we’re going to live. It’s going to be okay…or that is what I keep telling myself. Ha ha ha!!!!

By the way, my mom hates it when I compare my situation to those who are less fortunate. I have a feeling it’s because she thinks it means I’m not ambitious, which I find hilarious. Also, my current life situation stresses her out beyond belief, which I understand, but that’s kind of her average reaction to everything in my life.

I should meditate. The few times I have I did notice a significant reduction in anxiety, but I’m so impatient that even if I chose a mega-short mantra like “ohm” or something, all I would get out is “uh–” before getting up to dust.

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  1. Tina, I know you don’t have time to read but check out “Teach Us To Sit Still” by Tim Parks. He is no “ohm” meditation practitioner. He is a serious writer with a hyper vigilant distaste for any irrational mumbo jumbo. He was driven to meditation to deal with chronic pain. You might relate to some of his musings.

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