4 Replies to “parenthood”

  1. It does happen!

    In fairy tales.

    Just like sleep, sanity, and self-esteem.

    La la la…

  2. Not only did she have super inspiration elation, but the English teacher she showed it to said it was so inspired he didn’t have any suggestions. Like she just vomited out some masterpiece on her first try. I actually went to read message boards to see if anyone else was annoyed by this, but all the other fans were just so happy for her. I can’t believe this script was written by a writer. Really, Mr. TV writer? Really?

  3. first of all, i’m so impressed gab that we are TV psychic twins. we never talk and them BAM we’re into the same show….that doesn’t’ sound so dramatic aloud. anyway, i bought it, they served with a ladled and i ate it right up. the probably is i never feel the super elation inspiration when i write. it’s more like i want to watch steve tyler fall as sleep on american idol and have a beer.

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