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There are baby signs that mean “milk,” “hungry,” “tired,” “pain,” etc., which seem enormously helpful in Parent-Baby communications. I can see Baby has the dexterity of hands and alert intelligence to learn these signs, but he’s not interested. Why bother, when grunting can get you more milk, get picked up, get your diaper changed, or the adult in the room to look at you.

The signs he has learned are for bye-bye (self-explanatory), high-five (self-explanatory), and “Who’s the man? You’re the man” (pointing fingers at each other).

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  1. I’m not a fan of baby signing. I think it delays the development of speech. We’re not going to do it.

    Well, except maybe for “the bird.” That’s a vital sign.

  2. We taught signs to both kiddos, but I think the word repetition while signing made them learn the words and the signs at the same time. Ha! So both of them signed and said the words simultaneously, ruining the point of signing to begin with.

  3. i’ve actually heard learning sign speeds up the development of speech, but i’ve also read stuff that contradicts that point. rad! i can buy that there’s a delay in talking, in that, any kid learning two or more languages talks later in life.

    i think it’s just neat when you see a teeny person sign, but i don’t think there’s a major harm or help either way and not all kids take to it anyway. i love that both mad and jack learned to sign. my friend kara’s son, when he’s really ticked off, will sign really intensely instead of yelling, which i find hilarious.

    there are just a few things i know the baby can do, but he just won’t. dunno if it’s lack of interest or like laziness. oh boy.

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