Danger Babies

I get to see cool milestones — Army crawl on the belly, eating a lot of paper until it reaches its original pulpy state, drinking water from a cup, saying “mamamama” and “um mah,” but this is also a period where he’s starting to get into trouble a lot faster. He pulled the toiletpaper holder down (ours is freestanding) and gave himself a red bump on his head. I gave him a candle holder to play with while I got his food ready and he dropped, which meant broken glass all over the kitchen floor. That was all months ago, and this past week, he choked on a button he ripped from a sensory play wall at day care. Awesome. I am only now recovering and coming down from that heart attack one week later. People, I’m really just trying to keep him alive. One year! That’s my goal! After that, we’ll reassess.

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  1. I hear ya!! Baby girl has stared to roll over in her crib in the middle of the night and can’t roll back. Hello!?! Stop it!!

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