Girls Just Want to Have Fun

Did you ever see Girls Just Want to Have Fun starring Sarah Jessica Parker? It’s goofy, and I knew that even when I watched it over and over again in third grade. It’s about a young girl who loves to dance, but is restricted by her conservative father. She sneaks out to have a boyfriend and compete on a TV dance competition, which I believe she wins to the song “Dancing in Heaven.” I still remember these lines:

Father: We made a deal!
SJP: We made a deal when I was seven years old and nightlife was The Muppet Show!

SJP: I can’t believe I have a boyfriend!
Boyfriend: Who’s your boyfriend? Tell your boyfriend to get lost because you’re going out with me tomorrow night.

I couldn’t believe these were actual lines in a movie, they felt grade D even then, and yet I couldn’t tear myself away. It was like High School Musical for 80s children, crack TV.

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  1. I just remember thinking that Helen Hunt was the most 40 year old-looking teenager I’d ever seen. Bad for her then. Great for her now because she looks exactly the same.

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