My new boyfriend

I recently checked out the Yoshitomo Nara exhibit at Asia Society, and I loved it. This artist grew up as a latchkey kid and now paints snarky portraits of innocents smoking or listening to the Ramones, and is good friends with Green Day. The only drawback of entering a relationship having Yoshitomo as a boyfriend is his hair. Plus, I’m married, etc. Plus, I don’t speak Japanese, etc. Doomed before we even get a chance to begin.

2 Replies to “My new boyfriend”

  1. I keep checking in on your blog hoping to find new posts, and while I’m sad there haven’t been any, I’ve also become quite fond of seeing Yoshitomo Nara’s hairdo.

  2. awwww, thanks nk!!! i have all these goofy entry ideas but just haven’t been free to write lately. booo! i might have like five posted this weekend if i get some babysitting. do you think it’s rude to blog while guests are here for the holiday? ha ha.

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