Judy Blume

Recently, I read something about how Judy Blume got Tiger Eyes optioned as a film and production is about to start, and I flashbacked to all her books I read growing up. They were known for their high make-out quotient and speaking about things you wanted to know about, but couldn’t really ask people. At the time, I enjoyed it as light reading, but when I look back, I think she is very talented. She wrote honestly about what it was like growing up, which is why so many people dug her work, in the same way I think they respond to A Catcher in the Rye . Young folk hunger for something that’s authentic they can relate to, and so many required reading lists felt formal, irrelevant to our day-to-day lives.

Judy Blume also has a great knack for titles (Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing? Blubber? Still remember it.) and a great name herself. Plus, she had to deal with a lot of book banning so became an anti-censorship activist as a result. Now she lives in like Martha’s Vineyard, sees her kid, and like lunches in the White House. Is she not super cool?

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  1. Hey, thanks for tracking me down today. It was so great to catch up.

    Did you know that Judy Blume wrote erotica too?

  2. of course, km! we have a bad tech history, so i have to put in more effort. yes, i remember seeing “Wifey” on the bookshelves. was that erotica? now that i see her sweet, older lady face, that creeps me out. i remember everyone passing around “forever” around for the booty scenes. there were a lot of books, i feel like, that had makeout scenes, which no longer seems part of today’s YA books.

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