Morning Glory

Husband: Hey, did you see Rachel McAdams has a new movie out?
Me: Yeah.
Husband: It’s about her trying to reconcile her two parents. Harrison Ford and Diane Keaton are her folks.
Me: What? It’s about news anchors.
Husband: What? She’s a news anchor?
Me: No, she’s a producer or something and she has to get these two, ornery pros to work together or something. No one is supposed to be related. Where did you get that idea from?
Husband: The poster. Well, that’s confusing.

This is a very mundane exchange, but it made me laugh. I just loved that Husband extrapolated an entire plot from a poster. In his defense, the poster is kind of misleading.

2 Replies to “Morning Glory”

  1. But Rachel McAdams is holding a coffee cup. That’s kinda an appropriate prop to suggest morning talk show. Unless, Rachel McAdams is the daughter trying to reconcile her parents, and only coffee will help her get through the trying task. Or, reconciling her parents is such hard work, she needs to take a coffee break.

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