3 Replies to “Paris Cafe Awning Saves Baby In Seven – Storey Fall”

  1. I always thought it was cute when parents threw their kids into the air and caught them. Now that I have a kid…um…NO. WTF.

  2. Oh, Paris. The story makes it sound like the parents couldn’t be questioned because they weren’t there. Fifteen months and four years is plenty old to take care of themselves, right?

  3. maybe the parents were hiding in the bathroom. i can’t believe it’s a real story, b/c bouncing off the awning into someone’s arms sounds like a musical or something. yes, 15 months and 4 are old enough. i mean, as long as they’re not driving.

    as for the throwing the kid up in the air, it makes for a great photo, but it never occurs to me to let go of the baby when i swing them up in the air. at the moment, the roughest rough housing i do is using the baby as weight for chest presses. since he’s pretty big, it’s not a bad workout. 🙁

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