I love swimming, particularly now. I just love my black, maternity swim suit, which is the size of a two-person tent. I love it because covers every inch of my tree trunk middle. I can’t tell you how comforting it is. It’s like wearing a sleeping bag or something. I love it so much I might write an ode to it.

Swimming is the only activity I can do right now at a normal human pace. I think tonight an old man who needed a cane literally passed me on the sidewalk, because I walk that slow now.

The only thing that kind of got in my way of enjoying my swim tonight was I had to share a lane with this guy who was like 7′ 1″ and for some reason thought doing the elementary front crawl would be okay in a teeny lane and slapped me with his hand or foot every time he passed me. Ugh, I just felt like he swam like a gigantic ahole and with no grace. Boooo!

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  1. new york sports club. they have maybe five clubs in the city with pools. i go to the one on 49th and bway to swim. it’s SUCH a luxury to get water in the city. are you a member?

  2. no. i don’t go enough to warrant the hefty bag price. especially since there’s one in my building. how lame am i?

  3. well you were doing the yoga/pilates thing too, which is better than the general gym i think. i work out a lot, but i work out like a senior citizen

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