My Mom Friends have warned to not share name contenders for the baby with friends, family, or strangers, because the full-on judgment is not something fun to deal with. They advised, keep any baby names a secret. I thought, maybe they were overreacting, who cares what other people think? But now that I’m in that arena, I have found that keeping your mouth shut is excellent advice!

As one parent said, people express an opinion even when they don’t mean too — it ranges from blank expression to vehement monologues on why the name they just heard is stupid, and my reaction has been complete defensive.

Not that we have a final name, but I don’t even want to list contenders, in order to preserve all my friendships and superficial relationships. Yay!

(The baby’s name is Sasquatch. Deal with it.)

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  1. Ugh, my brother and his babymama started with this premise, then told me their names, then mocked me for trying to be nice about it. Now I don’t know which ones they were serious about, and which ones they were just trying to get a reaction with. I seriously can’t tell.
    Are people’s reactions any better once you have the baby? I’d assume so, but why?
    Tino would be good. I’m just saying.

  2. i don’t think you can win with name reaction, even if you’re dealing with someone irrational like me. like i’ve heard uber-negative and positive, and i got mental at both, so i learned, shutting my mouth was the best case. congrats to your bro! i think once the baby’s out, people are more ikely to suppress their reactions b/c there’s an actual kid involved.

    tino. nice. reminds me of dinosaurs and jersey shore.

  3. We ended up really liking our joke name. If there is ever a number two she may be named after members of the Go-Go’s. (Seriously, it’s a cute name. People liked it. )

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