I’m sure you’ve heard about the NBC debacle with Conan and all that jazz. Husband and I chatted about it and thought, there’s no way he should stay with NBC, not after getting so blatantly misled and mistreated. You can only compromise yourself so much (ha ha, I’m not talking about my career choices), before you totally fall off the path you envisioned yourself on. (I’m tired so can’t quite articulate what I mean.)

On a positive note, it’s been a creative boon for all late night monologue writing. Check this out for very entertaining TV.

Right now, the Conan ratings must be amazing! He’s been making fun of his bosses every night, and today, I was thinking this has to be in some part because he get to act out what many must fantasize about — telling your boss to take a hike and just leap into the unknown.

Of course, if your job is that bad, you can make this choice too, but most of us don’t have a $45 million check (Conan’s fee if he doesn’t get to do the Tonight Show) waiting for us when we quit our job.

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