first diaper change ever

Wow, Husband and I babysat a one-and-half-or-so baby (who we totally love) and got our butts kicked. Last night, I changed my first diaper! (I’m a late bloomer. The first time I drank so much I threw up was on my 30th birthday.) I assumed it would take an hour, but it was actually really fast. After giving the baby a bath, we had to diaper and PJ him, and he was so not interested, desperate to escape. I cannot explain to you how unwieldly a baby can make his body — he stretched wildly, rolled around, his limbs suddenly became flesh-and-blood numchucks. He was like Plastic Man. It took both Husband and I to alligator-wrestle the baby down, and it was like a scene out of 8 Seconds starring Luke Perry. If the PJs had buttons and not zipper, I don’t think we would have made it. It helps that we were both laughing wildly. Other moments of the night went much more smoothly, but was a good lesson that I have A LOT TO LEARN. (Apologies to Joslyn if the diaper was a bit baggy.)

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  1. I read the title and did a double take. Glad I didn’t miss any major life events!
    A sense of humor is crucial. When Will becomes incapacitated by the horror of it all, I am usually incapacitated by trying not to pee my pants laughing. You’ll do great.

  2. cs- you’ll be a champ. we can race each other when we’re bored.

    gabe — i love your reaction. that’s usually mine and people get p’oed at me. it’s awesome.

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