more hillary love

Hillary Clinton is just a freaking stud. I read in the Sunday Times (on Wednesday, which is usually when I get to it), the paper talked about how crucial it was support China in the world fair opening at Shanghai 2010 for U.S.-China relations, but the Bush Administration had totally dropped the ball. The U.S. needed $61 mil to participate in the Expo, and Hillary Clinton raised $60 mil in 9 months.

This summer, when she traveled to Palestine, she had all media welcomed at her press conferences. Traditionally, the U.S. only allowed pro-American outlets, but she overrode that choice and faced journalists who HATE the U.S. Tell me she’s not a gutsy stud. Tell me to my face!

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  1. she is so freaking competent, she just gets it done. i love her. i know she’s not soft and cuddly or charismatic in speeches, but ay caramba, she is so tough, i just admire her to death

  2. She’s HOT in real life. MCAbe and I saw her at the 21 Club and we didn’t recognize her because she was SMOKIN’.

    Ok…maybe smokin’ is a bit of an exaggeration, but she looked good!

  3. i’ve seen her once – i thought she looked great in person and her HAIR was like phenomenal! i was thinking she would make a good president, but i think bill would have brought her down. his foundation has so many shady ties right now

  4. I concur with Sachsy. Maybe not smokin’, but I’d definitely do her. Awwww yeah.

    I DID speak to her and, while I’m usually unflappable around celebs, I totally lost my composure and blathered at her like a moron until she made a graceful exit.

  5. i’ve only seen her from across a room and was like DAMN HER HAIR IS FABULOUS. it’s like perfectly layered with lots of highlights. but that’s amazing you spoke to her. i would throw up

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