lord of the rings

images I love “the Lord of the Rings” (the films, not the books). I watched the films so many times. I became obsessed to the point where I dreamed Frodo was my boyfriend (not Elijah Wood, but Elijah Wood as Frodo.) One family holiday, we all watched not only all three movies, but the making of all three movies in a row (which i think was more than 18 hours and gave me numb bum).

They rerun them all the time on cable and they still give me tremendous pleasure. I feel like they are this generation’s “Star Wars.” Anyway, I was feeling blue about the economy but these flicks helped me escape and who knew this would be the peak of Orlando Bloom’s career and Viggo Mortensen would be so hot as Eddie Vedder on horseback. But mostly, I walk away with a deep, deep love for Hobbits. Oh yeah.

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