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images8 images-sman clash_of_the_titans I’ve actually blogged about this before, so that’s my full disclaimer. Have I run out of memories? Do I just repeat myself? Maybe and Yes.

They reason why we moved to NJ so Mrs. Sung could babysit me with her other two kids. As with all babysitter offspring, I terrorized them as much as possible, but her son, two years junior, was actually a good match. We got into fist fights that ended with no clear winner, but I had fun in their house:

From Staircase Olympics (leaping into the center of a mountain of pillows at the bottom of the stairs. Sometimes we hit a wall, but we never went over the rail), the year of two breakfasts (one at my house and one at Mrs. Sung’s), the Mummy Finger Trick (you cut a hole out at the bottom of a jewelry box and take the top off. The first time Mrs. Sung’s son showed me the trick, I screamed.) to all three of us wearing Mrs. Sung’s costume jewelry set (she gave it to me at the end of the summer, which of course drove her son crazy.)

We also watched the same three movies over and over again in the summer and these are the images from that time that are permanently part of in my mind and pop up in unexpected moments. The movie moments that stick with you? Sometimes it’s because they’re of quality and striking; sometimes, it’s just because they are so, so stupid:

* Xanadu — The scene where the 1940s dancers meets the hard rockers reminded me of McDonald’s “keeping the hot side hot and the cool side cool” sandwich commercial. The roller skating, the mural that came to life, the neat trick where Olivia Newton-John hands the guy a dictionary for a definition of a “muse,” which ended with “Now do you get it Sonny?”

* Superman II — Clark Kent gives up Superman status to be with Lois Lane, and for the first time, gets his butt soundly trounced at a diner (not even a bar!). I still think about how excruciating that was to watch.

* The Clash of the Titans — The most bizarre special effects known to mankind. Attaching pictures at the bottom. Had to resist posting everything I saw.

images-clash-3 images-clash-2 images-clash

And just for kicks:


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  1. don’t ask me how i found this particular blog, luck i suppose ~ but i am a big *huge* fan of clash of the titans & your post inspires me to go find more pics. they make me smile. 🙂 thanks!!

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