fav college food memories

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Here are the college foods I remember. (Sorry, I’m having a really low creativity spell.):

* Strawberry Shortcake — shortbread biscuits with cream and strawberries
* Chicken Patty — the beginning of my affection for food in the shape of patties
* The Eli Breakfast Sandwich — a concotion of eggs over easy, bacon, cheese on toasted English muffins. They used to host Eli Sandwich eating contests in my dining hall, where I think the winner ate 11. What the hell were they thinking? Do they want students to die?
* Tuna Melt — part my first meal as a prospective student. Never heard of it. Was disturbed about cooked tuna fish with melted cheese. Seemed very wrong. Perhaps better elsewhere.
* Yankee Doodle Soup — Also part of my first meal as a prospective student. It’s supposed to be a soup of pasta and beans. It basically looked like a cup of vomit. Did not eat it.
* Rice Krispie treats — Made through microwave through desperate times at the dining hall.

May my creativity lull end soon so you are not subjected to all these details. Or maybe I’ve run out of stories? Maybe. One of my recent posts was an exact replica of one from two years ago, so it’s possible I have reached my max.

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