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As I age, I’m trying to put a little bit more effort into my appearance. Now, like I actually brush my hair, or I’ll iron a wrinkled shirt. This week, I just dyed my hair to erase the grays and the chemical smell was awful but reminds me of my mother, b/c she’s been dying her hair for years. At one point, she attempted to grow out her whites, and she had this like lead-singer-of-Berlin look where her was stark white and then black from the ear down. She got a lot of compliments, which made us both laugh, but soon gave up. Regarding the smell of hair dye, it’s a tad weird that I smell like my mom right now. (I don’t want to analyze this too closely.)

When I was a little kid, Mom did a lot of natural home beauty treatment stuff. She would mix raw egg yolks and let them dry on her face, or put cucumber slices on her eyelids, soak her hair in mayo. (I think an episode of “Facts of Life” had Charlotte Rae teach the girls about grocery store items as affordable beauty.) Mom would lie down in bed so the egg yoke would stay on her face, mayo combed all over her hair. I run up and stand next to her as she read the paper and I would sniff her hair and say “Mom, you smell like a ham sandwich.” This is one of my favorite memories.

But I strongly doubt I’ll ever put may in my hair. The odor wouldn’t form good memories for Husband. It would probably make Husband throw up.

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  1. It’s so bizarre that my wife thinks a BLT with mayo followed by an ice cream sundae is a disgusting meal from hell.

    And I think you should stick with the gray. Especially if you have a streak. I’m gray on the sides but I wish the rest of it would go gray because it looks so damn cool on Jim Jarmusch and David Byrne.

  2. wow, when you put it that way, that is bizarre.

    as for the grays, they’re gone for now, il ike grays, but am going to try to go out for commercials next year so we’ll see if this helps. otherwise, i’d rather be low-maintenance

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