Mad Men

I know this is a popular show, and I love the opening credits and theme song, and I love Jon Hamm. (Did you see his “Jon Hamm’s John Ham” on SNL?) He’s so undeniably masculine and believeable as a 1950s ladies man, but that show…I just find it boring. I’ve tried to watch but then I just get absorbed in folding laundry and usually when a show is good, I stop doing my chores. Thoughts? Is this sacrilege toyou? I have friends I wouldn’t say this too, so I can duck their fury.

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  1. I will try not to be one of those people who gets all red in the face and start yelling, “Mad Men is the best show on tv!” I admit that I was bored at the beginning, too. It is a kind of slow burn kinda show, so you have to keep coming back. But ohh, the slow burn pays off. And if you keep following, Season 2 is brilliant with the women getting more focus. I’m just sad that as an Asian person, there is no role for me on the show, though they did have a Chinese restaurant scene where an Asian woman propositioned Don. Uhh, yeah, that one was kinda racist.

    But don’t you love the art design and costume design? I want to wear those 60s secretary outfits and glasses!

    I am trying to start The Wire, but I have to admit that I am having television fatigue. Is it worth it for me to get started?

  2. i’m told The Wire is awesome from a mix of people — folks in the film biz to friends who don’t own a TV. and i dont’ watn to offend mad men fans — b/c i LOVE the look of it. It just hasn’t grabbed me and i have enough TV addictions.

    and yeah, i think the same thing. sometimes, i think, what if i coudl go back in time, what would i do? aside from getting my arse kicked everyday?

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