sarah connor chronicles

This is one of Husband’s favorite shows and it has slowly sucked me into its vortex. Last episode featured an Asian Australian babe who’s trying to infiltrate John Connor and his non-human bodyguard. This woman had to motivate this young woman, a faltering pawn in the plot, having second thoughts on betraying John Connor. You know what she did? She slapped the young woman’s face and said very coolly in a crazy, Australian accent: “I’m not your friend. I’m not your mother. You’re here to do a job, now go do it.”

Is that not cool? I made Husband act it out with me a few times before I tired of it.

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  1. I think you should write a play where your mom slaps you in the face (gently and with love) and says coolly in her crazy Korean accent: “I am your friend. I am your mother. You’re here to do a job, now go do it, Yunny-ya.”

  2. huh, for some reason, now it reminds me of the big scene in chinatown with faye dunaway. “she’s my sister. my daughter. my sister. my duaghter.” did you ever see that?

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