Ugh, I don’t want to watch it, but the VP debate is on my TV. What I’m worried about is that Palin sounds smart enough to fool people. I HATE when Republicans pitch “pay your own way” for health care as a good thing. Can you believe that cr*p?!!@ Five thousand dollar credit? Five thousand is a lot of bucks in other parts of life and so they’re going to FOOL people. It’s fine for health care as long as the only thing wrong with you is the occasional cold, but anyone who’s been in the hospital for a broken arm or anything more serious, you know $5,000 barely gets you in the door. I’m so disgusted.

And they both are not into gay marriage — WIMPS. Listen to Governor Paterson, who has said, dude, we’re all adults, marry whomever you want.

ACK! ack. ACK@@@

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  1. WHAT THE HELL! see? $5,000 is like monopoly money, in a bad way, when it’s goign towards health bills, and it’s not like you would get all of that — it would be taxed! ack! ack! i’m going to choke my own bitterness if i don’t chillax.

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