Here are the places I want to go: Paris, London, Czech Republic, and Iceland. But right now, I mostly need time and money to go. The Euro is pounding us, among other things. I thought we’ll go after Bush is out of office, the dollar will have to be stronger then, but now that the dude is almost out of there, the situation with the dollar is WORSE. You know when a good time to visit Europe? After World War II. After World War II, you know, after Europe was decimated by war, the places were cheap to stay at, tchotchkes were affordable, there are no lines. Must have been nice. *sigh*

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  1. I have been watching the road trip documentary of Mario Batali, Gwyneth Paltrow and friends traveling through Spain… I want to go to Spain! Spain! Mi deseo!

  2. ooo, when is that on? friend traveling through spain EATING? how awesome is that? i went for a week to visit becca and i GAINED FIVE POUNDS!! IN A WEEK!

  3. You can catch the doc on Sundays some time in the afternoon. Gwyneth is fascinatingly icky but I am envious of her Spanish. Food in Spain looks so damn tasty. Must. Go.

  4. We went to Paris and London last Christmas. It was totally worth the small GDP we spent to be in such civilized places. The whole work/ life balance thing was obvious.Oh and the food. Oh the food. I want to move to France.

  5. I went to England (which isn’t continental Europe, I know, but whatever) for the first time in 1984, when the dollar was almost at parity with the pound. Everything was SO CHEAP! And now, when I see Eurotrash wandering up and down Madison Ave. buying baubles that would cost us a month’s rent like it’s no big thing, I think back to that time and… well, I get pissed, but I also smile a little too.

  6. i think it’s AWESOME to have europe memories, MC abe, that’s cool. and i count england as europe. when i went to paris with my parents when i was 18, i think we embarrassed all the parisians with our uncouth ways. there was one point where my mother dropped her umbrella and crawled under the table to retrieve it with the entire place staring at us. i wanted to die (i was 18) and felt retarded for not speaking the language, so goign to england was a relief! it was nice to be understood! but i still don’t speak french and would like to go yet again.

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