vickt christina barcelona

Took Mom to see “Vicky Christina Barcelona,” which I really liked. Felt like a New Yorker short story, and I appreciated that Woody Allen explored some female stories and created fun female parts, and took himself out of the running at romantic lead. (Ugh, him kissing Julia Roberts in “Everybody Says I Love You” was something I didn’t need to see. Please, you cast Julia Roberts as being in love with you? You are a lucky, lucky man.) Instead, he finally got a smokin lead actor.

Mom: I like those two girls. They are very pretty, but why did Woody Allen match them to such an old, ugly man?
Me: What? Who are you talking about? Javier Bardem??!!!
Mom: Yeah, that one.
Me: Mom, Javier Bardem is super hot. He’s like one of the hottest men in the world, as in the entire planet earth.
Mom: Yeah, he’s ugly. He has a funny accent.

oh my god.

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