eight tracks!

oh yeah, you remember eight tracks, right? I think they lasted about two days. when you played cassettes, you could play one till the tape snapped or got twisted in loops (I still have them and play them and love them). We had two eight-tracks when we first were getting our feet under us as a family in Brooklyn in 1976. Dad would play “Hello Dolly” or “Grease” in our sky-blue, Chrystler Sierra or Skylark with its dirty white interior when we would go pick Mom up at her pharmacy internship at Bellevue. Then we played them so much the tracks started to fuse together and became like one big globby medley.

If you’re like younger than 30, you might not remember actual eight track in your life and that’s okay, but the time gap might freak me out a bit. Like when a young colleague asked “What’s the KGB? What’s the Berlin wall?” Aaaaack!

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