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91099-urlauber-fat-suit-tourist-fat-suit.jpg okay, there are moments of life where I feel like a tourist on planet earth and i felt it when I recorded a voiceover audition in Spanish this week, the headphones, soundproof room, and mondo mic — it’s just not part of my normal routine. Neat. I love and am ALWAYS grateful for experiences that feel NEW. I took Spanish from age 12 to 21 (uh, in large part b/c I wanted one easy A), so I should be really better it than I am, but there you go.

It was like a team of 6 people who helped me with this — I consulted with a co-worker who’s a native speaker, my friend christine and Michelle for production, a voiceover actress who gave me tips on interpretations, my husband who directed it, plus the engineer in the actual studio.

The end result is, i think, fine. I don’t sound native, but whatevs, I did my part. My husband and i played it last night. Take a listen if you like. For some reason, the word “Nestle” comes out very sensually, which made us giggle. Although the copy is pretty well written, the product name, Juicy Juice de Nestle, is kind of stupid. It’s like if I called something fruity fruit or meaty meat. Like if your juice isn’t juicy…then it’s not juice, right? You feel me?

Click below to find the result of nine years of Spanish education.


5 Replies to “voice over sample”

  1. WOW. I am superimpressed by your VO audition tape! You totally had me seduced. That silky voice of yours.. I’m so…thirsty…

    I am also superimpressed by the high level of security required to post comments on your blog.

  2. ack! nnk, we upgraded and apparently i clicked something that makes the comments intensely secure… and i’m still looking for where that page is. sorry! ha ha, the copy is a mom talking about how to be good moms

  3. Yeah, I’ve only studied Spanish maybe 6 years, and I still only could understand 10percent of the copy. I got something about being a mom. But you were quite a sexy sounding mom. Great job!

  4. yeah, i studied spanish sadly…for like 15 years and i still can’t remember that much. ha ha. thanks for the compliment. maybe if my voice is sexy, i shoudl do copy for panty hose or something, b/c this job, i don’t think i’m going to book. try saying “cien por ciento.” i found that hard to say without getting that madrid lisp going

  5. Wow, is this allowing comments again?! WOO HOO!

    That’s said…the VO is tres sexy.

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