images12.jpg I don’t know that I love charo — love is a strong word for the woman who was known for “cuchi cuchi.” But you know, through the misty, near-sighted gaze of hindsight, I can, sure, admit some affection for her now. (Dude, how addled am I by nostalgia?)

My friend Alex J. saw her in concert in upstate like a year ago, and she’s still wearing the mini skirts and low-cuts, but the photo he showed of her made her look like she were a claymation doll…a little scary. And while it’s sad she’s on the “Surreal Life,” maybe she’s not sad about it. Alex says that the girl was very much like I’m taking my guitar and my voice, and getting my butt to the U.S. and become a star. And really, she did do that, didn’t she.

But maybe what I really love here is “Love Boat,” that fabulous 70s show that added words like “Englebert Humperdink,” as well as cuchi cuchi, to my consciousness.

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