why i’m sleep-deprived and decaf-latte dependent

new-amsterdames.jpg I’m playing the flute, learning the recorder (staving off Alzheimer’s–big yay), memorizing lines, putting on a newanchorwoman accent my husband kinda despises, and trying not to kill people in my fight scene for this farce called New Amsterdames. I’m going to play a Chinese adoptee TV reporter, who’s as aggressively cheerful as they come.

It’s at HERE theater Dec 1-16, and in Queens Theater Dec. 17 and 18. What else? Go to www.flyingfig.org for more info.

The other thing I’m going to see is a night ten-minute plays, one of which is mine “I Like You LIke a Brother,” originally produced by Christine and Michelle and their cohorts at Fluid Motion Theater & Film Company. That gig will be on Dec. 1-3, 7 p.m., Spoon Theater. I’m going Dec. 2, if you want to join me cringe or hold my head up high, I’ll make reservations. It’s $10 and proceeds go to NY Cares.

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