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images4.jpg There have only been two instances where I’ve seen a grown woman with a salad colander on her head–once, on my friend Jen in a play where there was time-travel and I think her character wore it when it was supposed to be the 24th century. Then the other time was last year on an inspirational speaker we booked last fall. The latter lady wore the collander to demonstrate that you need to use a different perspective to be creative in business. The “wacky” speaker was also coming across a tad racist, as she kept alluding to black people being great when it wasn’t really relevant, know what I mean? In any case, with both ladies, I thought it looked tarded.

That’s my tip of the day–don’t wear a colander on your head. Or at least, not in public.

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  1. I know Tina has the most amazing memory for details from your childhood or early days of your friendship but I’m really hoping she’s talking about some girl named Jen on Staten Island and not me. Did I really do that and who was the costume designer?

  2. no absolutely another friend jen who doens’t know about the blog…i hope, b/c then that’s kind of mean, but it wasn’t her fault. it was her director’s fault…whom i’m also friends with who also doesn’t know abotu this blog…i hope. you’ve only been outed as the lipton tea bag so far

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