Scott Speedman

scottspeedman02.jpg What happened to this actor? He was in Felicity, a show I fell for despite myself. My cousin used to make fun of me by whispering the mainstay of their dialogue to me, which was basically –“Are you okay?” “Yeah, yeah, I think so. Are you?”–over and over again.

I’ve seen this guy in the West Village at La Bonnboniere, and he is spectacular-looking in real life, like people, cowabunga. The last picture I remember seeing him in was “Evolution” or “Underground Evolution,” a vampire thriller, or a thriller about gargoyles and vampires, starring Kate Beckinsale. The first installment ended with him being transformed into some weird hybrid of the two said species. And I was like, what the hell is wrong with Hollywood? They take a perfectly hot young man and turn him into something grotesque. It’s like they preserved his body but gave him a different head–and he looked like a minotaur or something.

I know all I’ve been talking about is TV lately, and I don’t want you think that’s all that’s in my unconscious…but sometimes, that’s all I’m really able to articulate.

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  1. Aiee! Scott Speedman! I fell in love with him when he was a lowly Canadian actor playing “Ned” in a syndicated Canadian update of Nancy Drew. She was, like, a spunky college student in Vancouver York (that exciting place where major metropolitan areas of the US look like locations in Canada!) and he was her superhot photographer boyfriend. Such a beautiful man.

  2. He’s truly spectacular looking. When I saw him in person, my jaw hit the sidewalk. I don’t do well with famous people, especially when they’re overwhelmingly hot. that’s hilarious that he was in nancy drew.

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