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images.jpg OH my god, Norman Mailer lives in my neighborhood, according to http://brooklynheightsblog.com/. No wonder I can’t get any volunteer work for writing with kids. Not that I’ve read any of us stuff…or plan to. I’m still on book 1 of the Harry Potter series. I took five years to finish Anna Karenina (boring). None of my friends would loan me their copies b/c they insisted I needed to own it. Boy, what a snail-paced story. Okay, I know from the Oprah show, the heart of the book is Levin and his farming ways, and when he went to winter in Moscow and kept spending more scheckels than he meant to, it reminds me Manhattan night life, but Anna, ay caramba, among other things, she was very neurotic about her lover.

So, no Norman Mailer for me (unless you have a title you highly recommend). I’m just going to have to admire his fame and achievement from afar.

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  1. Anna Karenina is one of my favorite books! Of course, perhaps, it’s more of a favorite because of the self-awe for having finally finished it. It was kinda like a sprawling soap opera in some parts. And then there would be these loooong chapters about plowing or hunting for grouse. It would put me in a sort of meditative state.

    I think I’ve become the unofficial ‘first responder’ on your blog.

  2. first responder? what are you talking about? you’re like the ONLY responder, except for jen. we’re like having a private talk. how long did reading that book take?

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