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inside-interracial.jpg I saw him on Bionic Woman last night, where he’s playing this bad-arse, government-affiliated (kinda) agent who tortures people for information and supervises the main character. I don’t know. Dr. Burke with a AK-47? I just can’t see it. I just wish he didn’t foul up the gay insult thing, really figured out what he was doing wrong, correct it, and stayed on Grey’s Anatomy (which is devolving quickly into an inane soap fest). I don’t know. I just don’t need Isiah to play Jack Bauer. My friend Nancy says he has a rep of being contentious and has gotten into fights with castmates in the past, so it’s clearly not an isolated incident, which is too bad, b/c I think he does have talent. He’s ruining my shows with his off-camera stupidity.

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  1. Yes, he’s so talented, and I believe passionate about acting. Interestingly, I’ve been reading in some gossip circles that Patrick Dempsey is kinda a jerkface in real life. It makes me wonder if the dynamics on that set is a lot more fractious and tense. And I’m not excusing Isaiah, but maybe he snapped because McDreamy was particularly hella McAnnoying and McSelf-Righteous that day.

  2. Nnk, I hate him on Bionic Woman. I like him as the spiritual leader of sorts on Greys Anatomy. I thought TR Knight of all people were upset with Isaiah. McDreamy is probably a dull person in real life. He’s got like one facial expression — bemused, and I think it works for his part. I also think Ellen Pompeo got some botox or something b/c her face doesn’t move, that rail. Have you seen Private Practice? It’s beyond dumb, but I’ve watched it anyway. It has great actors on it, including Audra McDonald who replaced the other actress who was like Jennifer Garner’s BFF on Alias. I’m so confused.

  3. On a completely random note, I finally finished Season One of 24 two weeks ago. I’m so behind the ball, but everywhere I go, I ask, “Hey, yeah, did you know 24 is a really good show?” And people look at me like all stupid and stuff. Because 24 is in Season 8, 9? Man.

  4. Yeah, I had the same experience when I watched it like four years ago. I would come to work and say like “my name is Jack Bauer. I work for CTU. You’re going to have to trust me.” and the mail room guys were like Shut up already. Isn’t the first season INSANE?

  5. Hahah! Are there ANY scenes where Jack goes, “My name is Jack Bauer. I work for CTU. Can I use your bathroom?” First Season made my stomach hurt; it was so damn intense.

  6. Nah, he doesn’t ever nap, eat, use the restroom, shower (well maybe in the beginning of year 2, i think maybe he showers), surfs the Internet for HOURS. My 24 hours would be like trying to fold laundry, make my lunch, write at the computer, surf the Net, etc. Bo-ring.

  7. Yeah, haha, Bobby Lee on MadTv was doing his spoof version of 24. You know, you’d have the timecode, and then cut to Bobby sleeping in, then wrestling, then going back to sleep…

    But back to the original post, will you continue watching Bionic Woman? Was it any good?

  8. maybe. i saw a LOT of tv this week, just recuperating from my cali trip. It kind of reminds me of Alias where she gets recruited but maybe the agency isn’t 100% good and she loses her fiance in two seconds. have you seen it? i think she gave over it to it too fast. i only saw the second episode–clips of the first one look great, witht he surgery and all that. but the balance of comedy and drama isn’t quite there–did you see it? she’s hiding from ak-47s and her sister calls her cell to borrow a t-shirt. that tone wasn’t quite there…so dunno.

  9. i wanted so much to love bionic woman. i am obsessed with the new battlestar galactica and there’s some connection between the shows. but i really didn’t like her and took her off the tivo. and for me that’s saying something because i will watch anything. the hills anyone?

  10. i heard battlestar galatica is fantastic. yeah, i think i give up on bionic woman. there’re plenty of shows this year i am hooked on, sad to say…journeyman and life made us late to a wedding this past saturday. i still watch the suds fest greys anatomy and private practice. that’s bad.

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