Kim Il-Jong

korea_600.jpg I read this story in the NYTimes today on how the South Korean president went to go visit North Korea, and what I don’t understand is Kim Il-Jong’s outfit. Whenever you see him, he’s always in that drab, poo-colored track suit. It’s kind of like when Will Smith was on the 9/11 fundraiser in like his nicest jogging outfit. Is there some kind of tactical point behind the wardrobe choice? Seriously, you’re a world dictator, you can wear whatever you want, so why do you dress like a UPS delivery foreman? At very least, I really think you should get one formal outfit for events covered by the international press. I mean, North Korea is famous for kidnapping folks. Why not kidnap Christian Dior or Alexander McQueen? If I were a world dictator, dude, I would be dressed in BCBG and Prada all the time, byatches. (That last word is not really my style, but I felt the soul of Britney Spears possess me temporarily.)

Or if you’re crazy, as Kim Il Jong clearly is (Proof: When you Google Image search the word “Korean monkey,” his image comes up.), dress the part. Like dress like Bai Ling at a premiere or Zelda Fitzgerald. Some item like a bedazzled, denim bolero jacket, a tutu, a surprising choice of a metallic tank top to me would be a clothing choice that really Now says I’m a crazy North Korean dictator.

Apparently, the two dudes are meeting to talk reunification, which they like to do periodically. My dad always gets furious and says is a waste of time and that South Koreans should grow up and give up the ghost. He kind of works himself up into a froth. The only other topic that sets him off more is Korean Christians (the intensely-nationalistic-characte-of-Koreans-from-Korea-and-the-Starbucks-capitalism-approach-of-Christian- recruitment of us savages combo make them a little…aggressive.) and my laughing in public–which happens often, so we have to go mano a mano in those moments. It consists of him shooting me a dirty look and me rolling my eyes.

But back to Kim Il-Jong, because I don’t want to be completely negative. Here’s the one plus–at least he left those sunglasses at home.

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  1. I dunno, I kinda can relate to the North Korean dictator. I imagine he wakes up in the morning, throws open the doors of his closet, and stands in front of his wardobe. And has the same inner dialogue that I have every morning.

    “What to wear? What to wear?..God, I have nothing to wear…I could wear my suit, but the pants haven’t really fit since ’78…But man, my track suit is soooo comfortable… but I wore it to work two days ago…What have I got going today at work?…Oh yeah, meeting with that president dude…Shoot, I should try and look like a care…Yeah, whatever, screw it…I’m wearing the track suit…I hope it’s clean…”

    Speaking of world leaders’ sartorial choices, the Iranian prez Mahmoud Ahmadinejad also rocks a fairly laid back style: pants hitched right below his nipples, no tie, unbuttoned jacket, and white shirt that you know has short sleeves. I think he wore this to the UN meeting.

  2. Oh, I want to see his outfit. Can you email me an image and I’ll post it? I tried to google it at work, but I don’t to linger too long on that search. The images on the first page seemed normal.

    As for Kim Il Jong, dude, you know he’s got closets full of that suit and it’s like by Gucci or something.

  3. I tried looking, but I can’t find the pic that I want to send you. It was when he had just gotten off the plane in NY. But if you googleimage Mahmoud and UN, there’re some pics to be found. Okay, he doesn’t look as bad as I described, but he’s still rockin’ the rumpled suit, no tie look at the UN World Summit.

  4. Let’s face it. Hamid Karzai rocks the political house when it comes to dressing for success.

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