Dangerous Lunch

images5.jpg Oh my god, like last week, this woman had a meltdown at the deli b/c she said she kept cutting her mouth on the plastic spoon. The owner came out and cooed over her, offered to cut up her fruit. We all looked at her like she was totally nuts. What a freak.

But then, today, I got one of those spoons? Totally cut my mouth. It’s hard out there for a pimp.

3 Replies to “Dangerous Lunch”

  1. I’ve always been partial to sporks despite the risk posed by sharp plastic tines. I just like the word so much – rhymes with cork, dork, Mork from Ork. Sorry, that’s my schizophrenic klang-association rearing its ugly head.

  2. Since I read some bad cyber-fiction about a guy killing someone by scooping out their insides with a spoon, I’ve seen the spoon as far more violent than a knife or a fork (because of, not in spite of) its association with feeding infants and old people without teeth. This is the type of violence with deep–acres deep–cultural taboos associated… no fun-loving fight club between pretty boys whose abs make up for any facial disarticulation they incur….

    ah beauty… she is at the hub of it all, idn’t she?

    let’s maim her

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