Booze and Philip Seymour Hoffman

images4.jpg images21.jpg I’ve sworn off booze except for special occasions (like weddings, bar mitvahs, etc.) till the first snow, in order to help my trainer make me look good. Interestingly enough, reading about Philip Seymour Hoffman who said (on some quote lifted by that he quit drinking at age 22 after he noticed a lot of different self-destructive behavior emerge when he drank and subsequently swore off the stuff–a feat alone I kind of find impressive, and wonder how much that helped him just focus on achieving. It’s VERY hard not to drink in New York City. I feel bad for any member of A.A. It’s just part of all social occasions, some business meetings. People feel bad when you don’t drink with them, like they’re committing some awful act or they feel guilty. It’s strange.

Now that I’m eating better, I do notice how much I use food/booze to kind of treat myself after a day of work at Animal Planet (my office), and need new outlets to express this…leading to major shopping sprees, so eventually, I will return to booze, b/c it’s cheaper than clothes.

I mean, an Oscar would be nice too, but I have no major goals with my hiatus with booze, other than to fit in my pants. Thank you.

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  1. Please don’t swear off booze!

    In many social situations, I’ve found the non-drinkers and vegetarians to be absolute joykills. They kill the joy.

  2. But remember Jesse’s goodbye kareoke sessions? I rapped without the aid of alcohol. I will drink again, no worries. I’m just giving it a rest right now.

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