mars.jpg images17.jpg So I read last week in the Times about this new space hotel being opened, i believe, on the moon. You pay three million dollars for about a week stay and they designed the suites to have velcro areas so you can stick on and move around that way. The showers are like body size capsules with floating water and bubbles or something you have to swim into. And they keep a shuttle on site, so if you get panicky about being in space, you can flee back to earth. But the trip out there alone, you see something like 30 sunrises in a couple of hours. (I could totally be bungling the details, but google it to check it out, or I’ll post the link later). There are about 40,000 people in the world right now who can afford this trip.

Kinda sounds Ray Bradbury. But now I heard a cousin of mine just got a job with NASA in Alabama, on this Bush initiative that will explore how we can “colonize” Mars, so people can move there. Why? B/c we’ll get bombed or the sun will burn out or some other environmental disaster? No idea. But I comforted my parents. If you think moving from New Jersey to Brooklyn was hard, just try moving to Mars.

Here’s the link: I think got all the facts wrong.

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