A lot of people I know, including my husband and myself (I keep looking it up and forgetting), think this word means “not so impressed.” It doesn’t.

According to, it means “to render completely perplexed; puzzle completely.” As in, “I am nonplussed by the fact Tina felt compelled to post the definition of this word.”

Well, it’s b/c my bad memory only allows me to say to my husband “You’re using it wrong. I don’t know how, but you’re wrong.” Which, of course, is excellent fodder for fighting.

5 Replies to “Nonplussed”

  1. I just had to look up the word ‘quixotic.’ Made me think of your ‘nonplussed’ post.

    Though ‘quixotic’ makes think of something being ‘strange,’ defines it as ‘foolishly impractical especially in the pursuit of ideals; especially: marked by rash lofty romantic ideas or extravagantly chivalrous action.’

  2. Oh, I love that word. I think David still doesn’t believe me about nonplussed, b/c he keeps using it as “unimpressed” just to taunt me. hah a

  3. I’m with David on the nonplussed issue. I will continue to use that word in that way. Consider it my quixotic quirk.

  4. s’okay. not related, but related, i used to pronounce the word “awry” as “AWE-ree” instead of “a-RYE,” which i think cause much consternation among my english major friends (becca, though i know you weren’t an english major). and in honor of that, i still say “a-RYE”

  5. “AWE-ree” sounds very French sophisticated. I’m going to try and incorporate “AWE-ree” into conversation this weekend.

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