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When “The 40-Year-Old Virgin” came out, I saw it–twice. The writing and Steve Carell’s acting/timing, I thought, were far more sophisticated than any I had seen in mainstream film in a long time. I mean, the egg salad monologue, the “her breast felt like a bag of sand,” to playing the tuba in the living room after a humiliating night of poker, I just loved, loved, loved this movie. The other thing where Paul Rudd’s secret love was a rather dark-skinned Indian American girl instead of typical Barbie fare, was up my ally. I mean, I became so obsessed with this film, replaying the scenes in my mind over and over again, that I started to have a crush on Steve Carell. (My 83-year-old former junior high school teacher still doesn’t understand why I like the film and she’s after me to defend it. And to her defense, it exhibits a junior high school boy/boob sense of humor, which might disguise the skill level of the picture to those of us alive during World War II. I’m just saying.)

So it is with great disappointment that I’ve watched Steve Carell’s career choices. “The Office”—okay. I guess, I mean you’re recycling a Brit show that wasn’t even your idea but okay, but the buck stops at “Evan Almighty,” people. I recently saw it in July in Kentucky on an in-law trip. My only excuse is that it was shown at a drive-in along with “Transformers” (more than meets the eye), and I had gone for the latter flick and the experience of being attacked by mosquitoes by watching Christian/military friendly fare outdoors. Ha ha ha. I guess he did a fine job in “Evan Almighty.” My question is why??? Are you that hard up for cash, Steve? Are you?

FYI, he got $500,000 for “Virgin” and $5 million for “Evan Almighty” according to (which I was look up at work for entertainment. I will enjoy till IT cuts off access). Cowabugna!

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  1. Thank you, not only for defending a film which my wife mocks me for loving so much, but for relieving me from my obligation to see “Evan Almighty,” which seemed like a really stupid idea for a film no matter how cool Steve Carell is.

    Dude, I have the 2 DVD version of “40 Year Old Virgin” with all kindsa cool extra stuff. Do I hear “Movies & Pie Night”???

  2. You have two options — either limit the pie intake or get a girdle. I myself am considering the latter.

    Not caring about looking pregnant is also good.

  3. there’s something what girls get called spanks. maybe i’ll buy one? i mean, whatever, i’m cutting back on booze and sweets till i lose the weight i want, but i’m going to have a damn piece of pie on movie and pie night

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