snoop dog and kevin hart

Excuse me a hot minute as this website no longer permits me to upload pics from the Internet.

For now, just enjoy the words. Ha!

I have long been a Kevin Hart fan (homophobia aside, I do not like homophobia). But before hearing his toxic language, I have called him my boyfriend constantly, to the point where the First Son’s second grade teacher pulled me to ask “Was Kevin Hart really your boyfriend?” No, girl! When I’m grumpy, Husband knows what to do. He finds me a Kevin Hart movie on cable and lets me chill.

Snoop Dog and Kevin Hart are currently in Toykyo commenting on the Olympics, providing much needed joy. Check out this clip, and note the equestrian section in particular. When Snoop Dogg calls a horse trot “gangsta” and exclaims he has to put that horse in a video, and starts dropping a beat beneath the horse trot, I die. Who knew Snoop was so funny and charming? Husband says he knew.

I’m going to have to check out this guy’s TV work. He has a show with Martha Stewart, because I’m happy to add him to my boyfriend list.

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