vince vaughn babysitting service

vince_vaughn_and_owen_wilson_eat_ice_cream Although I have three kids, don’t hire me as a sitter, because I’m a little lazy. Sometimes, my spirit animal is Vince Vaughn in Wedding Crashers. It’s not really, shall I say a GREAT model to follow when parenting, and yet I seem to have little impulse control when I think something might be fun. The kids are bad news when it comes to vegetables, but I’m told that they all eat sweet potato tatter tots. So while we were all watching “Sledgehammer” by Peter Gabriel in the living room, I thought I’d pass them out as a pre-dinner. Flat out rejected, man, which is so discouraging, so I cornered Husband and started a game of Tater Tot Toss. It’s not a game that exists in the world, but he’s game, so when I tried to throw the rejected tots into his mouth, he attempted to participate. I missed almost every time. When it was my time to receive, I was swarmed by children intent on stuffing innumerable tots into my mouth. Chaos ensued and I realized I have some bad parenting instincts. That is all.

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