bruno mars

You know, I never paid Bruno Mars too much attention before because he records a great deal of ballads, and I can’t stand ballads. Just the other day, I was listening to John Legend croon something about “All of me loves all of you, all your curves and sharp edges,” etc., and I puked. That is so far from a representation of love that would ever fool me or draw me in. Do you have to be an embryo to enjoy that sentimental approach? Maybe. I am SO hardened and middle-aged that when I hear things like, it makes me yak inside. BUT I have to say this song by Bruno Mars, because of his dancing. The song itself is so-so, but my god, the way this young man moves! So light on his feet, graceful and reminiscent of the effortless gliding of Michael Jackson. I love everything about the video from the casual-looking choreo to the 80s hip-hop influenced attire. Check him out on SNL for a live version of the same moves. Still so, so cool. What a pleasure to watch.

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