hooray heimlich!

2600764_orig Wonderful news. I took a CPR/Heimlich training class through work last year and tonight I got to use it! Or rather, that’s not the good news. It’s more that Twin Daughter was choking and no one knew what was happening. Poor thing was choking on frozen yogurt stick; she was red in the face, distressed, and not making a sign — so you know, I could tell she was choking. I racked my mind to try to remember what the heck to do. Somehow, I remained uncharacteristically calm and applied the Heimlich maneuver on her. She threw up the green frozen yogurt and cried hysterically (great sign. Any child who is crying is breathing). It all ended well. She picked up right where she left off and started playing, and that was that. A short chapter, our girl got through this short incident with no long-term foul, and I feel like a bad-ass. Makes the tough day at work seem easy.

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