Soft_Ice_cream Nothing is softer than the bottom of Twin Daughter’s foot. I only found that out recently because she needed me to flick off a piece of old couscous off that had gotten embedded in her sole. (Dude, it’s even softer than my face! I mean I know I walk on my face but…) She also throws nuggets on sticks in a way that makes them spiral across the room like a ninja’s death star. (Ugh). She is completely besotted with my mother. She takes her little raccoon hands and grips my mom’s skinny upper arms and says her pet name for her over and over again, alternating between smiling up at her beatifically or leaning and closing her eyes and enjoying the moment. It’s very “the Notebook.” She also bites pretty hard when I put teeth gel on her gums and laughs uproariously when I say “owww.” Hmmm.

I have no point. I just wanted to say “Daughter” and “Ninja death star” in the same post.

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