abc’s resurrection

download I think the premise of the show is that people you lose years ago comes back. It is a COMPLETELY MESSED UP IDEA! I understand the writer’s desire to to control the world or create a fantasy, but this just seems cruel. A mother meets her 8 year-old son who died 32 years ago. Dude, I would pass out and you would have to lock me away.

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  1. Did you ever see “Pushing Daisies”? Possibly the most romantic back from the dead show ever.

  2. @Jen- I really liked Pushing Daisies! And actually am currently obsessing over the show’s creator, Bryan Fuller. He also created NBC’s Hannibal, which is both nightmarish and super-beautiful to watch. And Fuller was also the creator of short-lived series Dead Like Me and Wonderfalls, which I plan to watch soon so I can be a Bryan Fuller completist. Tina- do check out Hannibal! You will totally have nightmares.

  3. oh my god, no hannibal! didn’t it get cancelled? pushing daisies seemed a little hyperbolic, whimsical — right? this episode, people are acting what it would genuinely be like when people from 30 years ago come back. TERRIBLE! just stab me

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