gold finch

goldfinch-largeGold-Finch I found this novel so moving, I was tearing up every day on my way to work, regularly missing my train stop. It rattled me to the point when I watched a flash mob proposal at home depot on youtube, I choked up at my desk at work. (OH MY GOD SAVE ME PLEASE) After surviving a a terrorist attack at the Met and the unreal loss his mother during that museum trip, a 13-year-old navigates being tossed between different homes, guardians, fortunes, adults (some kind and perfect, others not so much). It’s definitely a post-9/11 story, about 9/11 and grief, but it becomes something else (some reviewers says it goes haywire and random; I will allow that). It’s its portrayal of loss that got me, and any book that makes me miss my subway stop, that is so absorbing that I look up from its pages and blink and wonder how an hour went by so quickly, gets a big thumbs up from me. Books like this make it worth it, dude.

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  1. No, no, no, no Matthew Guma1 You’re kidding me!!! I loved the first third and then it went wack. were you in nyc during 9/11 or had you moved already? (i think you did otherwise we would have hung out). maybe you had to be in teh city for that part to blow your emotions

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