oh the disdain

Mod_5_Supermarket_3_Before I was shopping for milk for the third day in the row (when you live with four people who drink milk, you have to shop a lot) and overheard one bagging boy talk to the other about a song that had come on to the sound system: “Oh my god, I walked in on my mom dancing to this song, it was the worst.”

His eyes could not roll farther back into his head, his voice was dripping with disdain, and I couldn’t stop laughing. (Oh no. I am that mom very soon. Poor teens-to-be. ) I overheard the Assistant General Counsel in Office say that her 13-year-old son can’t stand her. The very sound of her breathing drives him to intense irritation. She said she is counting the years till he moves out. Of course, I have a lot of experience with my parents getting on my nerves, but this will be new. Trouble ahead, people.

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