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giving tree Ha ha, you know what’s funny about Facebook, when you comment on the status of someone you don’t actively speak to, people all ignore your comment and talk around you. It’s like you had an accident on the sidewalk and people all side-step you. ANYWAY, I got tagged to list your top moving titles, and I actually did it! I never participate! No one responded to my list, but maybe my list is too weird, but many responded to someone listing “The Giving Tree.” Ever read it? It’s a picture book where a tree (stand-in for mom) offers her son the apples of her tree, but he keeps needing more stuff, so what she gives keeps progressing til she has NOTHING left. Like he takes a bunch of branches to build a house, her trunk for his jacuzzi (course I’m making it up now), but the end concludes where she has nothing to give but her stump, so she lets him sit on her. This story makes people cry.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? How is this sick story of giving to the point where you are decimated okay? Seriously, this is disturbing portrait of a caregiver and I don’t understand which part of the story people find moving. As a caregiver, I’m like, dude, this book is bad news, you can’t give it all up. You burn out, you’re no good to anybody.

On another note, for so many years after I stopped acting, I was wondering what my next passion job would be. I already have it: caregiver. DUH. I only realized it on the train ride home. It’s not the same as being a creative artist, but it is demanding, meaningful work that requires a great deal of patience, creativity, research, smarts, and….booze. Thank you.

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  1. the people who love it now are like parents and adults over 40. yes, when you’re kid, totally! it makes sense! but then when you actually grow up, how is still appealing? do you think this is about 70s flashback? i do not disparage your kid love of the book. i just don’t want you to be a stump

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