old koreans, the mc donalds menace

mcd I just read this piece in the Times about Korean senior citizens who congregate at a local McDonalds and never leave. It’s causing McDonald’s angst since they are losing customers who actually buy food and leave, as opposed to these weisenheimers who buy a small coffee and linger for eight hours. They show up exquisitely dressed to gossip and hang out, and every time the cops are called, they leave…and come back after walking around the block. This Mickey D’s is actually near several senior citizens that have attempted to draw them by selling $1.09 coffees with cafe seating. Nope, these 80-year-olds keep showing up at the McDonalds, perplexing everyone. Um, am I not the only one who finds this story utterly charming?

Just goes to show you, you can’t force it. Communities, special places, whatever, you just has to happen organically.

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