Secrets of Happy Families

download This is a great, great book, which I highly recommend. I read a ton of self-help, nonfiction titles on stuff I want to get better at. A lot of them have one or two facts that are useful, while this one is packed cover to cover with good family advice. I liked it so much Husband expressed interest in reading it. When he asked what it was about, um, I will say I can’t remember a whole lot about the book, which could hinder me from actually applying some of the books principles to my life.

It does say this: kids who grow up with stories about their ancestors fare better in life (something about well if grandma jones got through the war, I can write my paper). If your morning is insane with kids and getting ready for work, give the kids jobs (nice!) and everyone’s happier for it. You can write a family mission statement and put it on your wall (I kind of like this idea, but doubt I will ever do it.) It talks about how to fight less with your spouse, marriage advice in general, and what else? That people who complain about being miserable with kids are going through a phase that childless couples are not exempt from — they just go for it later. also, that parents report life to be purposeful and those with four or more children rate themselves as extraordinarily happy.

And this I liked the best: when asked what kids wished for of their parents, it was never more time; it was that their parents were less stressed in the time they had together. BOO-YEAH! Tell me that’s not excellent advice?

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