my roommates

cute_animals_5_large These are my roommates. I told my dad last night the kids are like a herd of small animals. He said, Animals have more sense. I said, I’m going to tell them you said that when they’re older
He said, oh okay, I’m sorry.

But really, he is right.

They are like animals because…they eat food off the floor (my fault), they wipe in a pool of their own urine (… I guess this is kind of my fault too), they bite, they smack each other, they sit on top of each others heads, they roll around together like young puppies, they sometimes like pulverizing their dinner and then giving themselves a facial with the results, they crowd me and try to take my glasses (like I’m Piggy in Lord of the Flies) and sit on my head when I’m trying to do stomach crunches.

The Twins are still young enough that the unsolvable problems in their life are like taking too big of a bite of bagel, or once, Boy Wonder Twin got stuck under a chair. They cry until we help them. First Son is still very young too. He and Husband ran to catch the train and missed it, which caused him to burst into tears. Although I’m quite tired these days, I find these problems adorable.

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