1265601-cordelia-022411CordeliaHighSchool When I read King Lear in high school, Cordelia bugged the crap out of me. She was the youngest daughter, the one King Lear loved the most, and she adored him right back. He holds a contest for his daughters to compete on who could say how much they loved him the best, in order to settle the matter of his will. Regan and Goneril tore it up, laying it on extra thick, but Cordelia remained completely mute. Enraged, Dad gives her the boot and gives the other two evil sisters his power and land…I was always like DUDE, OPEN YOUR MOUTH! But then, there would be no play I suppose. So if I hate this, y ou’d think I was pretty gabby (which…I am) but the work world, I have turned into a Cordelia!!! So bad! I am really uncomfortable going for the jugular or saying stuff I don’t really agree with, but I’m trying to learn. Corporate America likes Regan and Goneril! Business Don’ts: Don’t Be the OFfice Cordelia. Thank you.

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